How SMS Services are More Essential than Digital Services

In the advanced digital era, companies have various options to promote a product or service and extend their brand presence. Advertising through Social Media or SMS Service is the most predominant strategy used by majority of companies for a wider reach of audience.

At, an established provider Bulk SMS in Delhi, we can make business and client communications, take a simple and convenient form, as communicating with family and friends. In order to surpass client expectations and optimize customer satisfaction, we at, an established provider Bulk SMS in Delhi use SMS services as a medium to maximize our reach within digital services.

The use of SMS has developed over a decade and the services have evolved into a more notification-use mode from a marketing mode. With the introduction of social media marketing, the use of SMS Marketing has considerably reduced, hence grabbing more attention of users when an SMS falls into the inbox. Currently, the messages in Inbox are more likely read, than unread and deleted. According to data, the percentage of unread inbox messages are as low 0.2% as against social media unread messages of 40%

Why for Bulk SMS in Delhi should be the first choice for digital services?

With a successful open/read rate of 98%, Short Messaging Services can be used for various services. Among others, Digital services are one of the prime services to benefit from Bulk SMS in Delhi, and below are THE TOP 3 REASONS WHY:

Enhanced Security

Use of digital services require pre-registrations. By adding an additional security layer of sending a secured PIN or PASSWORD to a registered mobile number verifies the use of the phone number and the identify of the person trying to access or create an account.

Ease of Notifications

Users have the ability to add SMS notifications to receive updated deals and discount promotions from various businesses. The use of mobile phone for customer retention maximizes customer satisfaction and adds a much-needed personal touch to automation. This service can be further enhanced by a personalized app that offers a bonus store with loyalty points for long term customer retention.

Customer Satisfaction and Valuation

With the massive worldwide reach of mobile services, a huge part of the global population is able tosend and receive SMS. As per stats, approx. 90% of all SMS’s sent, are read in 3-4 minutes. Furthermore, offers these servicesas the ideal way stay connected and have effective communication with your clientsin order to benefit your business at all stages.

Service Scope

For this analysis we will start by presuming that we have similar number of contacts on our phone contact list and our social media account (could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other). Now, how often would you send across a Promotional Bulk SMS that you receive to another contact? Almost NEVER. Comparatively, occasionally everyone forwards promotional offers or messages that reach us on social networking sites. Hence, in retrospect, Digital Marketing via Social Networks has an upper hand. Not only because it has a larger audience reach but also because conversion rates are high.

We urge you to consider investment in Digital Marketing and SMS promotions through, an provider of Bulk SMS in Delhi as an investment to achieve your targeted company value. An investment that gives instant returns and immediate audience. It’s quicker to grab attention of users and to create long-lasting impression on consumers. We will provide your business with a platform to connect millions of mobile and social media users across the globe with seamless and efficient customer service to ensure that all your queries and requirements are looked after.

With the experience of 3000+ enriched customers with a wide range of retail stores, educational institutions, medical clinics, transport companies, e-commerce platforms and government agencies, we pride ourselves at, an provider of Bulk SMS in Delhi as your safest and most reliable option for expanding your business.

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