Short Long Code service

About Shortcode and Long code Service

What is Shortcode and Long code Service.

We are one of the renowned Short & Long Code Service providers. Our Short & Long Code service help our clients carry out marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations. Our Long Code SMS Service is of great utility for establishments to receive voice calls and SMS messages. Long code service is relatively cheaper and have greater reach and thus used in big promotional campaigns within the country and overseas. Long Code SMS Services find application in Business Promotions, Poll Campaigns and in different types of surveys. The service is of great use for companies who receive Bulk SMS and need to interact with the customers. The service facilitate two way communication between company and customers. We have big list of satisfied customers who are benefitted by our Short and Long Code Service in Delhi.

Short Code SMS service is also known as Small Cellular Telephone Number. It has an advantage that short numbers are easy to memorize. This service finds application in enhancing business growth through business leads as there is a mechanism of getting senders’ mobile number.

MySMSapp have earned reputation for being the ace Short and Long Code Service Provider in Delhi. We have established a strong foothold in Indian Bulk SMS industry and is most reliable Short and Long Code Service Provider

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