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Send Bulk SMS (Upload Upto 5 Lakh in single Click)

The easy bulk sms solutions helps you send messages to multiple users with an extremely user-friendly interface

Send SMS in Multiple Language (Unicode SMS)

Compose a message in your local language or a language of your choice via the demographic targeting


We understand your desire to expand your company and achieve new heights.

By partnering with MySMSapp, cheap bulk SMS service in Delhi, you can always anticipate higher Return on Investment and subscribe to a guaranteed lead generation plan which shall reveal better productivity.

Serving 15 Years

MySMSApp is a subsidiary of Panache Web Solutions which have been in the technology business for almost 15 years.

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The easy bulk sms solutions helps you send messages to multiple users with an extremely user-friendly interface.

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Personalization and customization of Bulk SMS effortlessly via the finest digital platform

Create Groups and send group SMS

Blend your target audience with a right mix of groups. Create your own, customize and choose you which groups get which SMS content


Bulk SMS API is an application api that can be intergraded into the existing system for sending bulk sms messages at ease

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Our Services

Bulk SMS Service

Web-based Bulk SMS Service, bringing together the use of technology and Mobile marketing to offer an exciting platform which is cost effective and indigenous

Whatsapp Message Service

MySMSapp WhatsApp strategies of Marketing guarantees mounting sales and promotion upon usage of Whatsapp Marketing tool

Bulk Email Service

Amarketing strategy sent to multiple recipients at once in order to promote a business, sell goods, and develop relationships

Toll free Number

A toll-free number is an imperative asset for the business which helps enterprises grow and allows its customers to conveniently reach out to the businesses, without any cost.

IVR Numbers

Salute your customers with a specialized interactive voice response (IVR) system which can route calls to the right department based on the caller’s input.

Miss Call Service

A comprehensively designed automated web based application that enables the users to get important information regarding all calls on a designated mobile, landline phone and toll free number

Shortcode and Long codes

OurShort & Long Code service help our clients carry out marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations, P2P communication and A2P communication.

Accounting Software

A premier Accounting software has its unique competencies and exclusivity of ‘Automation’.


Our Plugin

Bulk SMS Plugins To Ease Your Business

Marg Plugin
Excel Plugin
Busy Plugin
Marg Plugin
Excel Plugin

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Bulk SMS Service in Delhi

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