We have always heard that, it is difficult to choose the best pearl of the ocean; likewise it is difficult to choose a best bulk SMS service provider in Delhi out of many service providers. However, based on MYSMSAPP customer reviews and personal experiences of customers MYSMSAPP leads the SMS Industry.

What is bulk SMS Service?

SMS also called as Short Message Service.

Bulk SMS is the textual content messages despatched to a massive wide variety of recipients at once in single attempt. Text Messages despatched in bulk are referred to as Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Service is utilized by industries, companies, corporations to talk with their clients and additionally for selling their enterprise and enterprise services. Enterprise use the bulk SMS to send promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, OTP SMS and other type of small text communication.

We can divide the Bulk SMS in to two parts.

  1. Promotional SMS: Using this route, an enterprise can deliver advertising messages including offers, discounts, festive sales, etc. The goal of those messages is for selling the product/service and growing sales.
  2. Transactional SMS: Using this route, an enterprise can send notifications including order updates, transport details, status, payments etc.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Schools, colleges
  • Health Care Providers
  • Real Estate Sector
  • Travel Agency
  • Hotel Industry
  • E-trade Portal
  • Retail Sector
  • Corporate houses
  • Advertising enterprise
  • Logistics Industry
  • Most demanding service for instant message delivery.
  • Has the very best open charge of 98%
  • Delivers in some seconds
  • Enables agencies to hook up with their customers speedily
  • Provides a much wider reach
  • Easy integration in CRM and other applications via api
  • Reliable channel for transmitting vital information
  • Convenient to integrate

Today everyone is dependent on mobile phone. Now mobile phones are one the important gadget that everyone needs.

Due to this demand of mobile phone this segment has become a demanding audience. Industries focus on SMS to reach the customers to brand there product and services.

There are many ways how the Bulk SMS Service is helping in improving the business.


When an enterprise connect with telecom services via bulk SMS service provider, company reach become versatile and there reach increase to every part of India that leads to more profits.

Better efficiency

The bulk SMS provider allows the companies to broadcast the messages in a systematic way. It reduces lots of manual efforts and increases the profitability. This helps the business to focus on other important activities.

Fast and Reliable

With the help of Bulk SMS Service companies are able to send bulk messages in couple of seconds from their laptops or desktops. Business is able to handle all the communications from single window system.


Bulk SMS Panel provides live reports and helps the business in tracking the delivery of SMS.

MYSMSAPP is SMS Provider Company with a very good and high-quality SMS service, which is known for its performance-oriented messaging services and its transparent SMS pricing plan. When I say the word “by quality” I mean their high delivery rates, server uptime, accurate reporting and excellent customer service. In terms of delivery capacity, you should expect around 100 deliveries on active lines in 5-10 seconds on both promotional and transactional routes. With just a few clicks you can check the status of your delivery at any time. They specialize in transactional SMS and often send messages in 2-5 seconds. In terms of price, it is significantly cheaper than the competition. MYSMSAPP is known for their brand name and vendors; it is worth noting that they have a large number of vendors trying to market their services around Delhi city making MYSMSAPP a leading bulk SMS marketing service provider in Delhi, India. The main benefit is that most of the staff/suppliers have a long history with the organization, making it easy to contact the right person when we need them. They are quite quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Overall great after sales services which make them one of the leading bulk SMS marketing service providers in Delhi India. The company claims that its service is available worldwide thanks to a large number of resellers. Their website design is incredibly professional and you will immediately feel comfortable trusting them. They also offer a Google Spread sheet plugin and an Excel plugin to send SMS straight from a spread sheet like few other companies on. If you are looking for modest amounts, the cost is quite exorbitant. Prices become quite competitive for large quantities.


Bulk SMS is an extensively used medium for staying in contact with the customers and connecting with them on a customised level. You simply want to sign up with a Bulk SMS Provider and you could begin sending SMS with none formalities. Here comes MYSMSAPP, a reputed SMS Provider in Delhi India. Nowadays, SMS Service has turn out to be a famous medium for agencies.

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